• Copper encased Lepidolite crystal, mounted on a solid copper band. 

    Ring size : Q

    Cancer : Lepidolite: as deep and tranquil in appearance as little pink oceans, Lepidolite makes for an appropriate pairing for sensitive, emotional Cancer. This mineral induces indulgence in deep emotive sensation, holds soothing qualities and can assist with boundaries on empathetic feelings - where those Cancer signs can fall deeply. Make room for lurrrv when inviting this stone into your life and yield to your innate, heart guidance. 

  • This piece is made using pure copper and remains natural and untreated. As copper naturally tarnishes and darkens over time, you may see these changes in your jewellery. If you prefer a brighter piece, shine it up with half a lemon covered in salt, then rinse well and buff with a cloth. Alternatively, use a jewellery polish of your choosing. 

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