• Copper encased raw Labradorite crystal, mounted on a solid copper band. 

    Ring size : Q

    Aquarius : Labradorite: the stone for the witches & creatrixes. The extraterrestrial stone paired with the unpredictable Aquarius. May this physical essence of galaxy guide you inward - to the darkest, most creative corners of the self. Labradorite is here to help you tap into your most intuitive, expressive self. 

  • Copper is an ancient metal and naturally occurring, essential mineral in our bodies. Wearing it directly on the skin allows for beneficial assimilation. It also holds antibacterial properties, killing microbes on contact.

    As it ages, copper naturally oxidises and will become darker in colour. If your piece darkens and you wish to brighten the metal again, try buffing with a jewellers cloth or lemon peel dipped in fine sea salt as a natural alternative. Be sure to rinse and dry well. I would advise against wearing your piece for bathing, swimming etc. This applies only to copper plated items.

    If you find your piece is leaving 'greening' on your skin, do not worry, this is a natural reaction to the oils in our skin. Regularly cleaning your piece may reduce this. You can seal the copper with a clear lacquer/nail polish or jewellers wax if you would like to slow down this reaction. 

    Love your piece and it will love you in return.

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